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Re-blog: How to be a change catalyst

Over at the Mozaic Works blog I’ve published a new post describing my view on change and some of the techniques I’m using when I try to initiate and catalyze it.


Re-blog: Do Agile Teams Have Performance Reviews?

I’ve been recently getting a lot of questions about managing performance on agile teams. Managers and HR professionals are used to the annual performance review process, where the manager analyzes a subordinate’s performance and plans their next improvement steps. This doesn’t seem to be congruent with a self-organizing team. So, how do we address this issue?

Read more: Do Agile Teams Have Performance Reviews?

Re-blog: Ask better questions in your daily meeting

I’ve published another blog post on the Mozaic Works blog. This time it’s about generating more learning during the Daily Scrum using a broader palette of questions.

Check it out: Ask better questions in your daily meeting.

Re-blog: Scrum Masters and Team Leaders

A lot of people wonder what happens to the Team Leader when a team transitions to Scrum. I wrote a blog post titled Team Leaders and Scrum Masters over at the Mozaic Works blog where I share my view.

Go check it out! It’s got feedback loops. 🙂