Three conferences in three months

For the next few months I’ve decided to put some of my ideas to the test by sharing them (as a speaker) with the attendees of three great conferences. Read on if you’re curious what I’ll be speaking about.

In two weeks, on April 08 I’ll be in Budapest at Optional Conference. This is a new conference that aims to discuss the advancements in management theory and practice. My talk will be about the Agile mindset. I will argue that the biggest barrier to a real agile transformation is the prevailing mindset of the organization, not learning to do e.g. planning poker or story splitting. You can expect at least a passing reference to the Marshall Model.

On May 29-30 you can meet me at I T.A.K.E. Unconference in Bucharest. On the first day I’ll run a workshop on how to lead technical teams. Join me if you want to know more about catalyzing change or the ladder of inference. If you’re into scaling agile, I’ll also have a talk the following day about some of the challenges I’ve encountered when helping bigger teams work in an agile manner. This event is organized by my colleagues at Mozaic Works, so I know it will be a great experience as always.

And two weeks later I’ll return to Bucharest for the first edition of Topconf held in Romania. I’ve decided to tackle the naive concept that you should choose between Scrum and Kanban if you plan on “doing” agile. In fact, with most of the teams I’ve worked with we ended up borrowing practices from both. I will therefore advocate in favor of understanding the problem each method was designed to solve and then running safe to fail experiments by introducing what seems appropriate in your context.

After reviewing the previous paragraphs, I realized I will probably need to make a subscription to the local flower shop. I know my wife won’t appreciate my leaving her alone for so long. If you’ve read any good books lately, please share. That way, I can at least provide her with options for passing the time.



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